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Pete CarterT E S T I M O N I A L S

Pete CarterI basically grew up at Lillian Dean Dance Studio and they gave me the experiences I needed to now be completely comfortable and confident performing in front of thousands of people around the world!  My years spent at Lillian Dean are priceless,  and the friends I made there will be in my life forever:”
~ Pete Carter

Chris DenkerLillian Dean gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to take my passion for dance to the next level. The competitions, the friendships, and of course, the incredible teachers all played a huge part in helping me get to where I am today.”
~ Chris Denker

Ryan LammerThere’s a very special place in my heart for Lillian Dean Dance Studio! Throughout my 5+ years at the school I learned how to truly perform. It is a great school to begin your training in a career of dance or theater… It’s where I learned to command the stage! The highlight for me was the competitions; we became closer as a unit, and had a blast! The teacher’s made me feel at home and truly made me realize how to utilize my talent to the best of its capability.”
~ Ryan Lammer

Jesse StearnLillian Dean was a great platform for me as an entertainer. Not only did the teachers help me with all areas of performing, they also gave me the confidence I needed to bring it to the real world. To this day whether I perform in front of ten or ten thousand people, in the back of my head I’m still thinking “what would Margie and Meghan think of this?”
~ Jesse Stearn

If you are looking for a dancing school for your child, do not go someplace else!! Lillian Dean’s is not just a dancing school, it is a FAMILY of loving, caring people that adopt EVERY child and teach them not only the fundamentals of dance, but honesty, compassion, sportsmanship and any other great quality that you would wish for your child. My association with this wonderful school spans almost 40 years as I have seen three of my children grow with them. For a fact, Lillian herself was my oldest daughter’s teacher. These were some of the happiest and most rewarding years of our lives and I only wish our association hadn’t come to an end due to our relocation to another state. I wish we could have taken them all with us. Placing your child (and yourself) with Lillian Dean Dance Studio is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life.”
~ Gerri Horner and family
Lillian Dean Dance
Lillian Dean Dance Studio is a wonderful place to study the art of dance, but also is a great place to grow as a person. Since Lillian Dean is a family run studio the whole atmosphere is that of a family. When you dance at Lillian Dean it is not dancing at a studio, it is dancing with your family. My mother attended Lillian Dean as a student, I attended and now my middle son will be starting in September and I can’t wait. Lillian Dean Dance Studio is my home away from home and I couldn’t imagine sending my son anywhere else!”
~ Brandy O’Keefe Egan

I have had some of the best times at Lillian Dean Dance Studio. It really taught me how to open up and I learned so much from the teachers there. I’ve made some of my best friends by going there and I would tell anyone that’s interested to go there.  It is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!”
~ Julie Ericsson

I loved dancing for Lillian way back when!  My favorite part of the recital was when Lillian came out on stage at the end of the show, dressed in her tuxedo style leotard with top hat and danced with Margie, Rickey and Kevin. It was the absolute highlight…next to the kick line!  My daughter started dancing there just before her 3rd birthday.  Each Saturday, she would cry and cry and Margie opened her arms, took her into the studio, told her to sit until she stopped crying. Next thing I knew, there was my daughter, up on stage, performing “Polly Wolly Doodle”.  I can’t thank Margie and her daughters enough for the confidence, poise and respect they have helped instill in Nikki. I am looking forward to another 9 years of fun!”
~ Janine Lange
Lillian Dean Dance
Every mother wants the best for their children, we want them to have full, fun and happy childhoods, we want them to be exposed to many different kinds of activities to help mold and shape them into well rounded and respectful teenagers and adults. If you are lucky, you find people who will teach your child to do just that. They will teach them, discipline-loyalty-commitment and respect. You will find someone who will care for your child as much as you do. That is exactly what the Lillian Dean Dance Studio did for my daughter. My daughter attended the Lillian Dean Dance Studio for 16 years. During that time, she learned all the aspects of dance, from Jazz and Tap to Ballet and Theatre. She enjoyed her years there so much, that if you asked her what her favorite place on earth was, she would tell you Dancing School!  Attending the Lillian Dean Dance Studio taught her not only how to dance, but how to take what you learn from dancing and let it help lead you to make the right choices as you grow and experience the trials and tribulations of growing up. My daughter has benefited greatly from her years at Lillian Dean, it has helped shape her into the wonderful young woman she is today. She has many wonderful memories and many wonderful lifelong friends!”
~ Barbara DeRiggi Copyright 2011-2017.